Marketing with a conscience

donna_scarecrowThey may pull at your heartstrings or inspire you to action. Cause marketing attempts to do just that while at the same time inspire loyalty to their brand.

Companies like Chipotle have tapped the popularity of short films to bring their message to the masses about their Food with Integrity mission. In their thought-provoking short film, The Scarecrow (2013) and its companion game, they depict a world where crows use scarecrows to perpetuate the facade that food is produced in the most healthy ways possible. As the film continues, you see the scarecrow becomes disillusioned by the fact that the food is mass produced, compromised by chemicals and cows and chickens are raised in inhumane living conditions. Pretty heavy duty messaging for a brand that wants you to not only frequent their restaurants, but also to join their cause. (more…)


Consumer data: a double-edged sword

truth-infographic-thumbnailYou’re not anonymous. Your location can be recorded on your smartphone, and while this is an advantage if you’re trying to find directions or restaurant nearby, when does it become invasive? Your behavior online allows your device – computer, smartphone, tablet – develop a relationship with you that you may not always want. They remember your likes sometimes better than your best friend.

Finding the right audience is key to any marketer. But with messages bombarding consumers everywhere they turn, how can we be sure our messages are being heard? We need data. And not just name and email address. We need to know who is more likely to purchase a new vehicle, buy a new house, or need a colonoscopy. Timing is critical. You want your message to be available at the time the consumer is making their choice. We also need to know how those people like to receive messages web ad, email, or word of mouth. All of these considerations lead us back to the need for data.


Now your bicycle can have a Facebook page

In a world of hyper connectivity, having customized content pushed to us on our mobile devices, tablets, and wherever we access the internet is just part of our daily lives. Devices formerly considered low-tech like refrigerators can now interact with us by providing customizable apps for grocery lists, managing our calendars, and checking the weather forecast. Still, even with the advent of smart TVs and thermostats, there were some items in our lives that we figured would never connect to the internet or serve as a tool for marketing messages.

An UK-based company EVRYTHNG has the technology to change all the rules of marketing communications once again. With their application, consumers can create a web profile or Active Digital IdentityTM for ANY physical object. Why is this development important to marketers? It provides another opportunity to create customer loyalty and build brand relationships. Your bicycle can have its own profile on Facebook and connect with other products. Your camera can tell you where to go for the best photo opportunities. And your medication can tell you when it’s time for a dose. While this new level of connectivity may be too intrusive for some, for companies and their customers, it allows for a stronger bond.